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The Afterlife

The thing about surviving brain injury 

There is no funeral for the old you 

The one who could thrive 

She is no longer here

Yet she never truly died 

Her life was never honoured

No funeral, no service 

No flowers sent 

No mourning of the loss

Of that free spirit

The only one grieving was 

The lone survivor  

But she survived! 

They say

But she looks fine! 

They claim  

How can she grieve while being alive.

Yet life is more than a heartbeat 

The survivor knows

Life is about living 

Life is about feeling 

And she will be feeling grief 

For the rest of hers 

Living in the afterlife 

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1 Comment

Anne Gast
Anne Gast
May 28

So much yes. 2 years later, and though my son survived his aneurysm and strokes, i'm still grieving the loss of who he was.

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