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Surprises can suck!

Updated: Feb 21

As I mentioned in my story, I have Cowdens Syndrome so have a lot of yearly doctors appointments to keep an eye on things.

Having spent so long in the hospital, I missed a year's worth of appointments. I left rehab in December 2022, and in mid-January 2023 noticed my right breast was extremely swollen.

I went to see my surgeon, who drained it and a large amount of fluid came out. It happened again a few weeks later, so he drained it again, did an ultrasound, and an MRI and there was still no logical explanation.

On the third time it happened, he decided that potentially four months in ICU had affected the implant and it needed replacing.

On July 18th I was booked in for surgery, it was a bit of a surprise to find the tube from the shunt (which I had had inserted last year due to fluid on the brain) had disconnected from the stomach and was lodged in the chest cavity. He immediately called The National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery for advice, as that's where I was treated last year.

A few hours later, I was transferred for surgery to repair it. Less than 24 hours later, I was back in theatre for the second time. it was successful and I was sent home the following day.

If I'm being honest, it was rather sore and I'd been told no upper body exercises for a couple of weeks. I decided personally to wait a while longer, I can still walk around and do arms or leg exercises, so I figure that's better than pushing it and causing more pain.

My big piece of advice from this is, to know your body and trust your instincts. It's always better to check with your doctor!

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