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Looking Back.

Updated: Feb 21

This time last year I'd been in rehab for about a month. In some therapy sessions, I would go to the high street in a wheelchair, walk a few feet and then get back in the chair. It was about this point when I went to a cafe with my therapists. It was a few blocks away, so I went there in a chair and walked around the cafe. Previously this would have been a standard trip out, but it turned out to be exhausting! However, I had reached one of my goals in that I'd managed to leave and go outside. Looking back now, it was a milestone to be proud of!

Now I've progressed a lot further and my mobility has got to the stage where I mainly use my pole unless I'm out for longer periods, or going on the train where I then use my walker. My rehab activities have now gone on to include Pilates and swimming.

Independence comes back in increments, even the tiniest bit is a lovely feeling.
A few weeks ago I went back to rehab for a one-year checkup with my consultant. He was amazed at my improvement (though I think I may have made him a bit nervous when I showed him I could walk a few steps without my pole)! Seeing how pleased he has boosted my self-esteem and made me realise that even with my tendency to be incredibly self-critical I was doing well and gave me a “small positive” to focus on.
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