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First Holiday.

Updated: Feb 21

Newport is a historic coastal town about two hours outside of Boston. Our hotel was on the harbourside. It had its own car park, with level access and the lift was nearby our room. The bathroom had a large walk-in shower with grab rails. Access around the hotel overall was very good.

Our hotel didn't have a pool so we spent a lot of time in town. Being an old town there are lots of uneven surfaces, this is especially true at the wharfs where it varies between cobblestones and red bricks. I found it was easier to use my pole and leave my walker at the hotel.

Restaurants had good access and the staff were very friendly and helpful. As I do in any restaurant, I ordered food that's easy to eat (being by the coast there was plenty of fish).

Whilst there we attended an event where I had to give a speech. I have never liked public speaking, so had an appointment with my speech therapist before going to make sure it was okay. I was worried I would mess the speech up, or being on uneven ground I'd trip over and land flat on my face! Luckily neither happened and for once my vision issues were a good thing! My limited peripheral vision meant ending up with no eye contact with the other guests.

Seeing how this was my first holiday since everything happened, it went really well and makes me more confident for next time!

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