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Once you get home, plenty of different types of therapy can be equally as beneficial as the traditional ones. It's worth looking into as many things as possible.


I have been doing Pilates since before my stroke, and it's become helpful in rebuilding my core strength.

Change happens through movement, and movement heals.

Joseph Pilates.


Pilates has multiple benefits, such as building core strength, increasing flexibility, and improving mobility and posture while working on your balance and body awareness. Those who practice or teach Pilates know it is a fully adaptable exercise system suitable for all. However, there is a misconception that you must be flexible, strong, coordinated etc. to do it. Those recovering from injuries or having ongoing concerns or mobility issues often turn to physio or physio-led Pilates. 

The intention is to educate you on the benefits of Classical Pilates, which is simply taught as authentically as Joseph Pilates intended. A classical studio will be equipped with authentic classical equipment, but most importantly the teacher will

have an in-depth understanding of the intention behind the exercises, why there is an order of exercises, and how to adapt them or even skip them altogether if not suitable for a client. 

Regardless of the injury, there is one basic principle to maximise the ability to work from a connected, stable centre (core). From there, you can begin to improve strength, mobility, and flexibility. For patients who have been immobile and/or have neurological conditions, this will help them improve control and coordination of their body and their posture and rebuild their self-confidence.

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