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There are lots of products available that are helpful for people with disabilities. I've included links to a few I've been using.​


There is information and support online for stroke survivors and others with sudden disabilities. I've listed a few below.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Lewis Carroll

Stroke Association  - Stroke Association provides critical information and support to stroke survivors and their families. They play a crucial role in research, fundraising and campaigning. The campaigning even led to the creation of The National Stroke Program in England.

Different Strokes -  With personal life experience after a stroke, the staff, volunteers and trustees have a close connection with strokes. They're especially good at supporting younger stroke survivors with rehabilitation and recovery. They regularly contact young people and families to ensure they provide relevant and personalised support.

SameYou - SameYou is a charity set up by the actress Emilia Clarke after she suffered two major brain aneurysms while filming Game of Thrones. Their purpose is to help brain injury survivors realise they haven't "lost" the person they were before. They want to improve neurological rehabilitation, raise awareness, and help fund transformational solutions. They've participated in various research programmes with medical teams at Spaulding Rehabilitation (part of Harvard Medical School), The University of Central Lancashire and East Lancashire Hospitals Trust,  University College London and The University of Edinburgh.

Ataxia UK - work to provide funding for research into Ataxia and support those with it.

Scope- Scope is one of the leading disability and quality charities in the country. They provide information and emotional support whilst campaigning to create a fairer society.

Transport - You're able to apply for Disabled Persons Bus Pass. It varies from council to council but entitles you to free travel between certain times. The cost of the card depends on the area in which you live.

National Rail provides a railcard that gives you and a companion 1/3 of the cost of travel. The card is either £20 for one year or £54 for three years. (prices 2023).  

Blue Badge entitles you to park in disabled spaces. The restrictions vary depending on your area (even specific areas of London). There is an administration cost, which varies depending on where you live.

All of these require evidence of your disability (e.g., a doctor's letter) and take a few weeks to process.

Reddit Stroke Support: Reddit is a perfect place to chat with other survivors and family members. It's helpful to communicate with such a wide variety of people from all over the world.

Stroke Association Local Support Groups: The Stroke Association has a database that allows you to find your closest support group.

Carers Trust  -  is working to support unpaid carers in the UK. They want to ensure unpaid carers can access advice and support. They also offer training and development to young carers.

Accessable - have a database of places to visit nationwide. You enter the things you are looking for and your location, and it then displays the results. All venues have been seen and given genuine reviews

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